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7 Ways to Reduce Courier Costs

At the end of May 2010 the average gas prices in Ontario was about 95 c/L. A year later we are paying over $1.30 a liter which is a staggering increase of about 40% in a year. Jet fuel prices are also up about 45% over the same period. The result is increased shipping costs [...]

Price Controllers Featured in Article in Canadian Auto World

Price Controllers was recent featured in an article appearing in Canadian Auto World magazine.   Click here to find out if you are overspending on uniforms or waste expenses in your business.

6 Steps to Developing a Cost Reduction Strategy

Cost reduction is vital to the success of companies. Developing a well-defined strategy is critical to the success of the cost reduction strategy.

Is There a Time Bomb in Your Uniform Contract?

The potential risk to the customer is that they could be subject to significant additional costs in the event that they wanted to change to a new supplier in order to reduce uniform costs.

Courier Prices are on the Rise

Courier Prices are on the Rise The major courier companies implemented their annual price increase earlier this week.  The increases generally range from 4% to 6% depending on the company and the service level.  In some cases, a portion of the increase is offset by a reduction in the fuel surcharge. Two of the big players, UPS [...]

Uni Cost Management Changes its Name to Price Controllers

Uni Cost Management has changed its name to Price Controllers, a company dedicated to help CEO’s control the costs associated with their business by ensuring they are paying the right price for goods and services.

Uni Cost Management is now Price Controllers Inc.

As our business has evolved, so has our quest to ensure you pay the right price for your everyday overhead expenses.

Are you overspending on Uniform or Waste expenses in your business?

Price Controllers revised the standard contract with favorable terms and conditions and saved the client 47.59%!

Chemical Distributor Saves 62% on Uniform and Mat Costs

An industrial products distributor of chemical products was spending $40,000 annually on uniforms and mats. Price Controllers worked with the client to better understand their uniform and mat usage patterns to identify options that would reduce their overall uniform and mat costs. Price Controllers delivered price savings of 48% and 16% in process improvements. The Price [...]

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