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Saving on courier costs There are many vendors which provide courier services in the Canadian marketplace.  These courier companies have differing capabilities in terms of service levels, service locations, and distribution centres.  Some concentrate on ground delivery while others can offer next day air service.  However, there are only a few that have full national and international coverage capabilities.

Controlling Courier Costs

Due to the volume of transactions, differing destination points, and complexity of vendor pricing models and discounts, organizations often pay too much.  Purchasers of these services are very often at a disadvantage due to a lack of detailed understanding of their distribution patterns and lack of benchmarking pricing data to work with.  As a result, optimum value is often not achieved and Price Controllers is able to reduce courier costs.

Reducing Couriers Expenses

Even when this area of cost is properly coordinated and an organization has already negotiated a discount from their supplier, the aggregated purchasing influence of Price Controllers can still effect substantial price reductions. We begin by tracking down individual transactions to establish shipping patterns, volumes, destinations, weights and prices paid.

Our analysts often find that clients are being substantially overcharged for certain service, levels, destinations or additional service charges.

In many cases our analysts are able to negotiate with incumbent suppliers, using our expertise and pricing knowledge to reduce courier costs without effecting long-term relationships between an organization and its supplier.

With our knowledge of industry best practices we will also identify opportunities to reduce organizations’ administrative costs. This will increase efficiency, which will enable employees more time to focus on their core functions.

Saving on courier cost

Cost Savings

Price Controllers has achieved client savings on couriers ranging from 15% up to 50%.

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