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Price Controllers specializes in reducing overhead costs.  Our methods and knowledge base have been developed through hundreds of cost reduction projects across a wide range of industries.  We use our extensive database of pricing information to help leverage our client’s position with suppliers and get results. Our process begins with an examination of invoices and contracts.  From this initial assessment, we can quickly determine whether there is an opportunity to reduce costs.  In many cases, we can deliver savings recommendations to clients within 30 days of the start of an engagement.  Our recommendations typically result in savings ranging from 10% to 50%.

We believe that no one should raise prices on their customers just because they can.  We use our knowledge as Price Experts to help business owners and managers pay the right price for the products and services they purchase to run their business.  It may not be the lowest price, but it’s the right price for the level of quality and service that you require.  And in the end, you will take control of your expenses and improve your bottom line.

At Price Controllers we believe in being accountable.  We are very comfortable working on a performance fee basis whereby if we can’t implement cost savings we do not charge any fee.  We also follow up and monitor the actual results to ensure the savings are realized and our clients are satisfied.

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