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Uniforms & Laundry Rental Services

Saving on laundry and uniforms costsIn the uniform and laundry industry there are a small number of major vendors that have full national and international coverage capabilities plus several smaller regional vendors. Purchasers of these services are often inundated with invoices and reports and can quickly become overwhelmed. In many cases, without a set of benchmarks to work to, they have no way to know if the pricing they are receiving is competitive or not and if they can reduce uniform costs.

Controlling Uniform Costs

In many organizations, the responsibility for purchasing uniform rental services is often delegated to the staff members in various departments, and it is incidental to their main function. As a result, optimum value in this category is often not achieved and there are opportunities to reduce uniform costs.

Reducing Uniform Costs

Even when this area of cost is properly coordinated and an organization has already negotiated a significant discount from their supplier, the aggregated purchasing influence of Price Controllers can still effect substantial uniform price reductions. We begin by analyzing current invoices to document current unit costs and compare them to our knowledge base of scores of companies that we have worked with that use similar products in similar quantities.  From this initial assessment we can quickly determine if there is a prospect for you to reduce your laundry costs.   Price Controllers also reviews the existing contract to determine if the invoices are in compliance.

Our analysts often find that clients are being overcharged for certain services, products or are subject to additional service charges.

In many cases our analysts are able to negotiate with incumbent suppliers, using the purchasing power we hold in the marketplace to reduce uniform costs and without effecting long-term relationships between an organization and its supplier.

With our knowledge of industry best practices we will also identify opportunities to reduce organizations’ administrative costs. This will increase efficiency, which will enable employees more time to focus on their core functions.

Cost Savings

Price Controllers has been able to help our client to reduce uniform and laundry costs from 20% up to 60%.

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