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waste and recycling costsOver the past decade, the waste disposal and recycling industry has seen enormous change. Government legislation, public attitude and environmental concerns have prompted a complete rethinking of how we deal with our ever increasing waste problems. Not unlike legal or tax issues, where the professional assistance of a lawyer or accountant is required, your waste program is most likely also in need of professional help.

We are experts in our field. Our services have your interest to reduce waste costs as the central focus. Such allegiance to you, the client, not only provides for an objective, independent and ‘no conflict of interest’ type of relationship but also provides for some very meaningful results.

These tangible results are clearly identified and measured in waste cost savings, waste program efficiency, adherence to environmental legislative issues and certain protection from ever increasing expenditures.

Our money is made by saving you money on your waste – not by having you spend more. Let’s see exactly how much money we can save you.

Waste Management Team

The waste management team is highly knowledgeable and has many years of experience in all facets of the waste industry. The UCM waste expert has 15 years experience with a large and well known international waste disposal company where she held senior operational and sales management positions. In addition to directly managing a number of select key accounts, she trained and supervised a sales team that handled over 7,000 client accounts in the southern Ontario market.  The past 15 years have been spent as an independent consultant, using her knowledge and expertise to help the buyers of waste services ensure that their waste management programs are as efficient and cost effective as possible.

In addition to key management team members, the company enjoys the services of an efficient and dedicated support staff.


Waste management is core to our range of services and UCM is a one stop service center for all waste removal and recycling activity which includes the following:

  • Waste Audits – in accordance with Ministry of Environment standards
  • Assessment and analysis of existing client waste programs.
  • Expense reduction and service efficiency recommendation program
  • Savings & Benefit analysis
  • Supplier liaison, tender process & evaluation
  • Monthly and/or quarterly summary statements
  • Yearly activity reports and analysis
  • Monitoring of landfill rates, disposal costs, haul rates, road toll levies, licensing, rebate fluctuations, and fuel & environmental surcharges
  • Recycling & rebate programs
  • Grease trap cleaning & recycling
  • Hazardous waste
  • New & used equipment purchases, leasing & rentals of compactors, balers, bins
  • Research & Development program
  • Program of environmental compliance with governing jurisdiction
  • Client employees training and support services

In addition, we provide consulting and brokerage functions for a variety of related property management services such as janitorial, bin & compactor cleaning, document shredding, uniforms, dust mats and custodial services.

Free Program Analysis

If you want to reduce your waste and recycling costs, Price Controllers offers every prospective client a ‘free waste analysis’ without any obligation whatsoever. This analysis reviews all aspects of your existing waste management program with an examination of contracts, invoices from suppliers, disposal & recycling services and all equipment used by the client. In addition, all staff functions as they relate to your employees (time spent and manpower costs) are taken into consideration.

From this information, we use a proprietary system to analyze the data resulting in the ability to provide you with a very accurate picture of your existing program. From these results, if you choose to proceed with the engagement, we are then able to provide recommendations and determine how much you can achieve in cost savings. Experience dictates that in over 90% of the cases, we are able to find significant cost savings that will directly benefit the client.

Waste Audits

In the Ontario market, the Ministry of Environment (Ontario) has legislated Bill 143 and specific businesses fall under the provisions and requirements of that statute. For those companies that are affected by this legislation, we can offer an independent and comprehensive ‘waste audit’ that conforms to Bill 143 (including annual updates).

While many disposal companies offer to perform waste audits, the idea of having them audit their own activity simply is not in the best interests of the client. As we are a third party, we are clearly objective in our outlook and our loyalty is solely to the client.

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