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Industrial laundry machines

Uniforms & Laundry Rental 

Our clients reduce uniform and laundry costs by 20% – 60%.

Let’s start with the big benefit – you save money, ongoing, that goes straight to your bottom line. 

Controlling uniform costs – you need a dedicated expert!

Here are the 4 big reasons why uniform costs aren’t well monitored:

  1. A range of employees, in different groups, manage the job.
  2. The task is incidental to their main role; they have difficulty finding time for it. 
  3. They have no benchmarks to evaluate pricing.
  4. Your supplier inundates them with confusing invoices and reports.

How Price Controllers finds savings in uniform costs

Typically, our analysts detect overcharges or additional charges for certain services or products. Here’s our 5-step process. We: 

  1. Analyze invoices and contracts to document current unit costs.
  2. Compare them to our knowledge base of scores of companies we have worked with.
  3. Determine if there is a potential for you to reduce uniform/laundry costs.
  4. Review your existing contract to determine if invoices are in compliance.
  5. Often manage to achieve further price reductions, even when our client has already negotiated a significant discount. You’ll be surprised! 

Staying with your incumbent uniform supplier 

As often as possible, we negotiate with your incumbent supplier. With the purchasing power we hold, we earn you savings – without disruption to your long-term relationship.

We also identify opportunities to reduce your administrative costs, through our knowledge of best practices in your industry. This gives your employees more time to focus on core functions.



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