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Key to Satisfaction


We reduce your overhead costs. Or you don’t pay. 

We start by examining your invoices and contracts. From there, we can quickly determine whether you have an opportunity to reduce costs. 

How? Over hundreds of cost reduction projects across many industries, we built our specialized knowledge base and approach. We’ve also gathered an extensive database of pricing information, which we use to help leverage your position with suppliers. And get results. 

Our recommendations typically result in savings from 10% to 50%. We often deliver recommendations to clients within 30 days of engagement.  

We believe that no one should raise prices on their customers just because they can. 

We also believe in being accountable. You pay only if we find savings during our expense analysis. We also monitor the actual results, to ensure your savings are realized. 

Our Complete List of Expense Categories:

Logistics and Manufacturing Supplies


  • Telecommunications (Data, Voice & Cellular)


Financial Services

  • Insurance (property, casualty & liability)
  • Point of Sale Transaction (Merchant Card) Fees
  • WSIB


  • Janitorial Contracts & Supplies
  • Property Taxes
  • Energy



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Waste disposal and recycling – the rules keep changing! Let us help you stay on top!


Copier contracts are complex. Learn more about how we help you cut costs.  

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