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Controlling Courier Costs

Our clients typically reduce courier costs by 15% to 50%.

Courier costs are complex! 

Volume of transactions … differing destination points … complexity of pricing models and discounts… Who can understand a courier contract? 

If you use couriers often, and you don’t have a detailed understanding of your distribution patterns, or you lack benchmarking pricing data, you’re at a disadvantage. Time to call in the expense reduction experts!  

Reducing your courier expenses


  • Begin by tracking down individual transactions 
  • This establishes shipping patterns, volumes, destinations, weights and prices paid. 
  • Our analysts often find you are being substantially overcharged for certain services, levels, or destinations.

Even when you have already negotiated a discount from your supplier, our aggregated purchasing influence can often help you achieve a substantial price reduction. 

Sticking with your incumbent supplier 

Often our analyst is able to negotiate with your incumbent supplier, using our expertise and pricing knowledge to reduce courier costs while maintaining your long-term relationship.

Improved admin frees up time

Through our knowledge of industry best practices, we also identify opportunities to reduce courier-related administrative time and effort. This frees up time for your employees to focus on core functions.



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