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Waste and Recycling

We save you money on your waste – or you don’t pay.

We benefit by saving you money on your waste – not by having you invest more! Based on the results of your Free Waste Analysis, we’ll create a new waste program for your business to increase your:

  • Cost savings
  • Program efficiency
  • Adherence to environmental legislation
  • Protection from ever-increasing expenditures.

Free waste analysis

Your Free Waste Analysis is a no-lose opportunity. You’ll find out how you’re doing, and where there is opportunity. Our proprietary system:

  • Reviews all aspects of your waste management program 
  • Examines contracts, invoices from suppliers, disposal & recycling services and all equipment you use
  • Reviews all staff functions in terms of time spent and manpower costs.

In just over 90% of cases, we find significant cost savings.

After your free waste analysis

If you choose to proceed, we provide recommendations and determine how much you can save. In over 90% of cases, we find significant cost savings that go directly to your bottom line, month after month, year after year. Plus free up cash as well.


Waste management is core to our business. We offer: 

  • Assessment and analysis of existing client waste programs
  • Expense reduction and service efficiency recommendation program
  • Savings & benefit analysis
  • Supplier liaison, tender process & evaluation
  • Monthly and/or quarterly summary statements
  • Yearly activity reports and analysis
  • Monitoring of landfill rates, disposal costs, haul rates, road toll levies, licensing, rebate fluctuations, and fuel & environmental surcharges
  • Recycling & rebate programs
  • Grease trap cleaning & recycling
  • Hazardous waste
  • New & used equipment purchases, leasing & rentals of compactors, balers, bins
  • Research & Development
  • Program of environmental compliance with governing jurisdiction
  • Client employees training and support services



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