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Hands protecting money

Why us? 

We know who we are. We make money, and we only make money, by saving you money. It’s all we do. We specialize in certain cost categories, and we have experts – hand-picked – in each one. 

We know our stuff. The contracts, the prices, the supplier tactics. How to do a detailed, painstaking dig through a pile of contracts and invoices to find the possibilities for real cost savings. How to make those happen, with your supplier. 

We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years.

We’re headed up by two experts who each have decades in the business.

Our clients are consistently surprised at our ability to achieve considerable savings. Even when they already have discounts in place. After a recent uniform project, our client said, “If we tried to do this ourselves, we would have saved 10-15%, and been happy. We never would have gotten the 50% you guys got. We wouldn’t have imagined those kind of savings were possible.” 

Cash flow

It’s not just savings! It’s cash flow. Because we find and execute significant savings, you may find almost as much relief in the decreased pressure on cash flow as you do from the better bottom line. That’s what our clients tell us!


The uniform program analysis at our plants was extremely detailed, and provided us with better insight to the money being spent. Although our requirements were detailed and demanding, Price Controllers was still able to negotiate annual savings of over $45,000 – a 31% decrease!
Amore Foods

Price Controllers did an outstanding job analyzing our service needs, negotiating excellent rates, and ensuring that our contract was written in a way that would protect our interests.
They managed to keep our existing [uniform] supplier and reduce our rates significantly.
Jordan Ison, President, Toronto Honda 

All I can say is: great results, great service.
Consolidated Credit Counselling Services of Canada Inc.

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